Reading and Listening for Change: Anti-Racism Resources

Living While Black.Featured resource: Living While Black event videos. On June 16, we held an online event with a distinguished group of speakers from our Black community at Duke. Faculty scholars discussed the background, dimensions and impact of racism and racist policies and structures. Students and staff shared their perspectives and insights. We also discussed actionable steps to move forward. This was a first step to fully engage all members of our community to consider new ways to advance Duke’s goals toward achieving racial justice and equity. Watch the videos: Session 1: How Did We Get Here?; Session 2: Being Black in America; Session 3: Being Black at Duke; and Session 4: How Do We Move Forward?

Dear Duke Faculty,

Our campus, community and country did not arrive at the current debate about systemic racism overnight. The solutions must involve each one of us. We must – everyone must – engage ourselves by committing to self-reflection and conversations about race, no matter how difficult it may feel. As citizens of the Duke community we have a moral obligation to ourselves and to one another to do our part in building and fostering an equitable community. Each member of our campus must have access to opportunities and resources and be treated in a way that validates and affirms their humanity. Hearts and minds require a shift to inspire the change needed for equality and justice for all. Reading about and listening to different perspectives and lived experiences can be one catalyst for this change. Wherever you stand on your personal journey, it is our hope that this list will prompt you to choose action.

Abbas Benmamoun, Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement

Resources for Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) to Engage in Self-Care


Resources for Academic Leaders and Faculty


Resources for the Entire Duke Community



Films, Documentaries and Series

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