COVID-19: Tips and Resources for Duke Faculty

You are not alone

There are many offices and resources at the university to support you as you navigate the challenges presented by this pandemic. The university website,, lists many resources related to teaching, mentoring, research, working remotely, and dealing with personal and professional challenges.


The Keep Teaching website contains extensive resources on teaching remotely and different ways to engage students and support them.


Maintain regular contact with students and advisees in this stressful and challenging time. The National Research Mentoring Network provides resources to help in this area. Mentoring resources and best practices are also offered at Duke by The Graduate School and by the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement.

Working remotely

The Keep Working website provides information about effective practices and resources to work remotely and remain productive in different environments.


Duke Research is a comprehensive resource for faculty to find information and useful strategies related to their research needs.

Supporting students

Adapting to the changes in our academic structure and teaching models can be challenging for many students. It is important to demonstrate empathy and work to gain understanding of their current circumstances. DukeReach, International House, and The Graduate School provide many resources, including those related to mental health, that are available for you to share with your students.  

Maintaining community

In these unique times, maintaining contact with our peers and professional networks can help to combat feelings of isolation. The Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement has different opportunities for Duke faculty to remain engaged with their peers. Please also check your discipline-specific organizations and professional associations for resources and advice on navigating the current pandemic.

Take care of yourself

If you would like help or support, please contact PAS and seek support from trusted colleagues and leaders who are expert in the areas of wellness and self care. Please also share resources from PAS and other relevant offices with colleagues who may seek such assistance.

Make a positive impact

If you would like to help the Duke, Durham, and Triangle communities, the Together Duke: Giving Back website and the Office of Durham and Community Affairs provide information about ways to support our community and its most vulnerable members.

Address specific needs

The Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement regularly meets with faculty on a virtual platform to address needs and concerns. Please contact Jan Carico to make an appointment.