Faculty Advancement Seed Grants

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Building Community Among Faculty at Duke


Duke University is committed to advancing faculty excellence by fostering an environment where all faculty can thrive. Our goal is to advance that commitment and support the faculty and their academic programs.

The Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement is pleased to announce the theme of the third round of the Faculty Advancement Seed Grant program is “Building Community Among Faculty at Duke." These seed grants are intended to provide a financial head start for novel faculty development initiatives within academic units (schools, departments, divisions, centers, institutes) aiming to foster a sense of community and build faculty networks.

For this cycle, all seed grant projects should seek to pilot new faculty development ideas or expand currently existing initiatives to include a focus on building an engaged and diverse campus community. Effective programs, as determined by the assessment and fulfillment of goals set forth in each proposal, may be provided with additional resources for expansion to other academic units.


Supported Activities

Building an Inclusive Community

Organizing workshops, group discussions, and conversations to build relationships and community within academic units

Developing Faculty Networks and Affinity Groups

Providing a variety of mentoring and career advancement opportunities

Fostering a Respectful Environment

Developing programs, guidelines, and structures to promote a climate of respect and professionalism

*Not limited to examples



Academic units on the campus side (Provost’s management area) or jointly supported by the campus and Duke Health System (e.g., DIBS, DHGI, GCB, Margolis Center and others) are encouraged to apply for seed grants to support projects around one or more of the above activities.

Seed grant amounts will typically range between $1,000 and $20,000.


Proposal Guidelines




    • A 2-3-page narrative including title, description of the project, rationale, target participants, start date, end date, and goals of the program along with how the attainment of goals will be assessed and metrics for success.
    • 1-page budget with a brief justification.
    • A brief letter of support from the unit chair/dean/director addressing how the goals of the project will fit within the unit’s faculty advancement and diversity vision and plan.




February 15, 2019

Award Announcement

March 2019

Latest Start Date

Fall 2019


Review Process

A review committee consisting of faculty, unit diversity officers, and faculty deans will review the proposals and make recommendations to the Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement.

We anticipate supporting 3-4 proposals per academic year.


Post-Funding Reporting

Recipients will submit a 1-2-page report at the conclusion of the project that summarizes activities undertaken, assesses outcomes, and describes efforts to sustain or build upon the successes of the seed funding.



Contact Vice Provost Abbas Benmamoun

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