Faculty Advancement Seed Grants 2018

Ryke Longest

Environmental Justice Symposium 2019: Privileging Community Voices, Connecting Faculty

The Environmental Justice Symposium, hosted by the DELPC at Duke Law facilities, will serve as a catalyst for these collaborations, where faculty and students from across disciplines meet and listen to community members at the frontline, articulate strategies for using their research and teaching to address challenges associated with the issue, and form or strengthen relationships that will be integral to their work.

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Helen GordonMargie Molloy, Brett Morgan, and Benjamin Smallheer

A Faculty Development Workshop on Gender Associated Incivility and Nursing Education

The proposed faculty workshop will focus on developing skills to both prevent and manage uncivil behaviors in the classroom, with an emphasis on gender-driven issues. According to research, if actions are taken against uncivil behavior, an enhanced learning environment can be created for all students.

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Kathryn Dickerson and Nicole Schramm-Sapyta

Inclusive and Power Dynamics in Academia

A series of workshops and seminars over the course of a year that will discuss issues related to inclusion (specifically gender and race) and power dynamics in academia.

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Kathy Franz

Mentor Up / Mentor Down: Interactive Workshops to Strengthen Mentoring Relationships

MentorUp/MentorDown included two performances on February 8, 2018. The first, held at 1:00 pm in French Science 4233, was targeted to faculty and focused on issues of Unconscious Bias, Stereotypes, Microaggressions, Communication and Critical Feedback. The second performance, available to both graduate students and postdoctoral associates, began at 4:00 pm in Schiciano Auditorium. The focus of the student discussions was similar to that of the faculty workshop, with particular emphasis on receiving critical feedback, planning research and setting boundaries. Over 140 students from departments across the university attended.

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