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"That Didn't Go the Way I Thought It Would." How to Manage Yourself and Have More Productive Conversations with Colleagues (Ivy+ FAN)

This two-hour virtual workshop will focus on conversations that may feel "difficult", go awry, or end without immediate resolution. You will be encouraged to reflect on your own real-life examples and embrace a learning stance to expand understanding of the other's point of view. During the session you will: Explore Chris Argyris' "Ladder of Inference" and how it relates to you and these conversations. Discuss ways to break free of assumptions, increase self-awareness and decrease the tension that causes communication difficulties. Identify what you can apply moving forward. Speakers: Terry Barton, Director of Employee Learning & Development (Harvard University); Valy Bayer, Senior Learning & Development Specialist (Harvard University); Chelsey Platt Angelone, Senior Training Program Manager (Harvard University)


Workshop/Short Course