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Taking Stock of Your Faculty Career - For Mid-Career, Tenured Faculty

Whether or not you have "post-tenure blues" or "midcareer malaise," likely your busy schedule has left you no time to reflect on significant career transitions. Very often, faculty reach mid-career operating under the same assumptions-and relying on the same strategies and skills-that got them through graduate training and the pre-tenure years. This workshop offers mid-career tenured faculty dedicated space and time to reflect on some big questions, in a mutually supportive group of peers: • What have been your most significant accomplishments and challenges to date? • What's different for you now, than it was in the years leading up to tenure? • What does "flourishing" look like, 3-5 years from now? • What people and resources can help you achieve your goals? Possible takeaways from the workshop include a sharper focus on priorities and goals, realignment of what you do with what you value, an enhanced sense of community, and practical strategies for maintaining a reflective practice on your work and career long term. Moderator: Maria LaMonaca Wisdom, Director of Faculty Mentoring and Coaching Programs


Workshop/Short Course