Leading an Academic Unit at Duke (LAUD) Workshop Series 2019–2020

Designed for Department Chairs and Other Unit and Program Leaders Across Campus


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Past Workshops

March 3, 2020

Workshop 6: Awards and Recognition

In this workshop, a distinguished panel of leaders and faculty shared their insights and best practices on how to position faculty to compete for prestigious awards and how to put together compelling nominations. The workshop also provided an overview of the available campus data and resources for successful faculty award nominations.
February 5, 2020

Workshop 5: Difficult Conversations and Effective Communication Strategies

How to approach and handle personnel matters with fairness and professionalism. This interactive session included a peer discussion of scenarios and cases and how to address them. Experienced leaders and colleagues were available to share advice and introduce key resources.
January 16, 2020

Workshop 4: Promoting a Professional and Ethical Research and Mentoring Environment

Participants engaged with colleagues and peers in a discussion about tips and strategies to cultivate a culture of research integrity and rigor within our academic units. They learned about resources and tools available at Duke to effectively manage their research and mentoring environment and address concerns or problems.
November 6, 2019

Workshop 3: Your Role in Fostering a Respectful Working and Learning Environment

Participants continued the conversation on how to best foster an inclusive climate in all academic units, including effective practices for promoting a respectful working and learning environment while addressing problems effectively and fairly.

Workshop 2: The Art and Science of Constructing APT Dossiers

Participants joined current (2019) and past members of the campus APT committee for a discussion on constructing clear and thorough APT dossiers. This workshop covered topics including the different stages of the tenure and promotion review process, components of the dossier, and potential issues during the dossier construction and review. Other related topics, including metrics and how to evaluate digital and engaged scholarship, were also discussed.
September 5, 2019

Workshop 1: Effective Academic Leadership

Effective leadership in an academic environment is about more than just the technical expertise or formal authority associated with the leadership position. It also involves informally connecting with and leveraging talented and accomplished faculty and staff teams. This session provided an overview of relevant research findings that could guide effective academic leadership and was an opportunity for interactive discussions on implementing evidence-based leadership approaches in varied academic environments.


The Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement hosts the Leading an Academic Unit at Duke (LAUD) Workshop Series, which is designed for department chairs and other unit and program leaders across campus. The goal is to engage in dialogue with peers, experts, and key leaders about issues relevant to academic leadership and share best practices and strategies to improve and strengthen programs.