Leading an Academic Unit at Duke (LAUD) Workshop Series 2021–2022

Designed for Department Chairs and Other Unit and Program Leaders Across Campus

Previous Workshops

September 15, 2021

How to Lead a Thorough, Rigorous and Fair Promotion and Tenure Review Process

Provost Kornbluth and current and past members of the campus APT Committee discussed the APT process and how to prepare dossiers in a thorough, rigorous and fair way. The workshop covered topics including the different stages of the tenure and promotion review process, components of the dossier and potential issues during the dossier construction and review. The workshop also discussed metrics, evaluation of digital and engaged scholarship, the impact of COVID-19 on research plans and progress, and biases that may potentially impact candidates’ dossiers and ways to mitigate them.

March 1, 2022

Supporting Your BIPOC Faculty Colleagues: Guidance for Senior Faculty, Chairs, and Deans (Watch the Video)

Dr. Modupe Akinola led chairs, senior faculty, and other academic leaders in a virtual discussion about recognizing, understanding, and supporting BIPOC faculty colleagues in managing and utilizing stress in the department and across the university. Questions raised and addressed include:

  • How do we understand stress for BIPOC faculty in our organizational environment? What is it, and how do we address and overcome it so more people can feel welcome and thrive in these environments where there is little diversity?
  • How might we change our own stress mindsets to better understand and support our BIPOC colleagues?
  • How do senior faculty, chairs, and deans go about developing social relationships with people who don’t look like us?

The session further helped participants in understanding where women and people of color are experiencing organizational life differently because of the unique stressors they face—and emphasizing interventions for lasting change in the academic department.

April 29, 2022

Actualizing Racial Equity Throughout the Faculty Hiring Process  

In this workshop, Professor Roman Liera and Dr. Damani White-Lewis presented research on the role of typical faculty hiring criteria and practices that cement racial and ethnic inequalities in the professoriate. Suitable for administrators and faculty, this program guided attendees to see how common perceptions of fit and whiteness inhibit processes, policies, and norms that centralize racial equity. Attendees were also equipped with strategies to assess the hiring process in different stages to improve racial equity and decision-making.

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The Office for Faculty Advancement hosts the Leading an Academic Unit at Duke (LAUD) Workshop Series. Each session is designed for department chairs and other unit and program leaders across campus to engage in dialogue with peers, experts and key leaders about issues relevant to academic leadership. Participants will also share best practices and strategies to improve and strengthen programs, and discuss topics including financial management, leading during crises, fostering a sense of community, and promoting an inclusive and supportive work, research and learning environment.