The Faculty Success Program

National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity Faculty Success Program

The Office for Faculty Advancement (OFA) partnered with individual academic units to support the participation of 9 regular rank faculty members in the National Center for Faculty Development’s (NCFDD) 2018 Faculty Success Program. This professional development program provides tenure-track and tenure faculty with strategies to increase their research productivity, get control of their time, and live a full and healthy life beyond our campus. Moreover, the program is meant to improve research productivity through intense accountability, coaching, and peer support and to propel their work-life balance and personal growth to a whole new level.


Spring 2019 Program

January 20 – April 13

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Program Benefits

  • A Supportive Community
    NCFDD forms a community to support your success where you can interact with other program participants, ask questions, get feedback, share resources, exchange ideas.
  • Weekly Training
    You have access to weekly training modules where you learn empirically-tested skills, strategies, and practices that will help you to align your time and spark your productivity.
  • Time Tracking
    Using the custom WriteNow platform designed specifically for the Faculty Success Program, you collect data regarding your own writing and research productivity.
  • Tenured Faculty Coaches
    Each group is joined by an NCFDD-Certified Productivity Coach who has completed the program, seen transformation in their own work, and is an active faculty member.
  • Accountability Calls
    Each week, you will also have a small group call led by an NCFDD-Certified Productivity Coach where you set goals and are held accountable for meeting those goals.
  • Master Coaching Sessions
    For those times when you could use some individualized support, NCFDD offers one-on-one private coaching sessions with an NCFDD-Certified Master Coach.


Tenure-Track and Tenure Faculty

Learn How To

  • Start the term with an achievable set of personal and professional goals as well as a realistic plan to meet them
  • Develop a consistent, healthy, and sustainable daily writing routine
  • Move forward in developing the publication profile that will exceed your institution's promotion criteria
  • Align your time with your institution's priorities and your personal values
  • Master best practices in academic time management
  • Identify your resistance and develop a set of strategies to move through it
  • Nourish your physical and emotional health
  • Enjoy a full life beyond campus
  • Participate in an intensely supportive community that processes day-to-day challenges, pushes individuals when they need it, and celebrates members' successes as they occur


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