More Than Three Dozen Faculty Promoted or Appointed to Full Professor

November 8, 2022

Top row: Michel Bagnat, David Berger, Christopher Buccafusco, Nicholas Carnes, Jasmine Cobb, Carolyn Coyne, Jeffrey DeSimone, Cagla Eroglu, Jessica Fintzen; second row: Esther Gabara, Anna Gassman-Pines, Michael Gehm, Sharon Gerecht, Benjamin Grunwald, Bridgette Hard, Cosmin Ilut, David Johnston, Aaron Kyle; third row: Hedwig Lee, Paul Magwene, Veronica Martinez, Timothy Meyer, Verena Mösenbichler-Bryant, Megan Mullin, Jakob Norberg, Debmalya Panigrahi, Christine Payne; fourth row: Herman Pontzer, Jedediah Purdy, Michael Relf, Christ Richmond, Rebecca Stein, Juan Carlos Suarez Serrato, Ásta, Surya Tokdar, Jenny Tung; last row: Hau-Tieng Wu, David Yanez, Michael Zavlanos

Warm congratulations to our Duke faculty who have been promoted or appointed to the rank of full professor. This milestone is the culmination of a rigorous and thorough review by the faculty’s peers inside and outside Duke and by the academic leaders at the department/division, school and campus levels. The review process looks for distinction, leadership and impact in research, teaching, and engagement and for prominence in the faculty’s area of expertise nationally and internationally. These faculty colleagues represent all the facets of academic excellence that are essential to fulfilling Duke’s core mission of discovery, education and engagement.

- Abbas Benmamoun, Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement

Information provided by the Office of Institutional Research includes recently promoted faculty at the professor rank with appointment dates of November 2021 to October 2022. Appointment dates are July 1, 2022 unless otherwise noted.

Law School

Nicholas School of the Environment

Pratt School of Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science

Sanford School of Public Policy

School of Medicine

Biostatistics & Bioinformatics

Cell Biology


School of Nursing

Trinity College of Arts & Sciences

African & African American Studies


Computer Science

Cultural Anthropology


Evolutionary Anthropology

German Studies




Psychology & Neuroscience

Romance Studies


Statistical Science

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By Maggie Elliott