National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity (NCFDD) Pathfinders Program

Man using a computer. Text: Reconnect with who you are and decide who you want to become.

Designed for tenured (or soon to be tenured) Faculty Success Program (FSP) alumni who are ready to reflect and move forward in their next chapter of their career. The program is designed to provide a space for a group of tenured faculty to pause, engage in a discovery process about what's possible in their next chapter, and build the support network necessary to move powerfully in that new direction. Interested faculty should contact their departments and schools for approval. The Office for Faculty Advancement provides schools with matching funds for participation in the Pathfinders Program.

Program Tuition

Pathfinders Program is offered annually during the summer in a 12 week session. Duke University may enroll faculty at a reduced cost during the Early Bird Registration. During Early Bird registration tuition is $3,750 (a $500 cost savings).  During Registration full tuition is charged at a rate of $4,250.

Session Dates

Summer:  May - August (Early Bird Registration is mid-October to March 6. March 8 is the deadline.)

Program Benefits

You will:

  • Reconnect with who you are and what you love
  • Explore your potential post-tenure possibilities
  • Make the identity transition from "junior" to "senior" faculty
  • Decide who you will become as a person with power on your campus
  • Release mindsets that were effective pre-tenure but no longer serve you
  • Pick a post-tenure pathway
  • Construct a new mentoring network for your path
  • Have 1-on-1 Coaching from an NCFDD-certified Individual Coach

How is Pathfinders Different From the Faculty Success Program?

  • In FSP, faculty learned productivity habits. In Pathfinders, you explore who you are and who you will become on your campus.
  • In FSP, NCFDD teaches concrete skills. In Pathfinders, NCFDD walks faculty through the discovery process.
  • In FSP, faculty built the foundation for productivity and balance. In Pathfinders, faculty build on top of that foundation.
  • In FSP, the outcomes are the same for participants (i.e., greater productivity). In Pathfinders, faculty will discover their own unique path.

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