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50 Duke Faculty Recently Promoted or Appointed to Full Professor

Warm congratulations to our Duke faculty who have been promoted or appointed to the rank of full professor. This milestone is the culmination of a rigorous and thorough review by faculty peers inside and outside Duke and by the academic leaders at the department/division, school and campus levels. The review process looks for distinction, leadership and impact in research, teaching and engagement and for prominence in the relevant area of expertise nationally and internationally. These faculty colleagues represent all the facets of academic excellence that are essential to fulfilling Duke’s core mission of discovery, education and engagement.

- Abbas Benmamoun, Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement

Information provided by the Office of Institutional Research includes recently promoted faculty at the professor rank with appointment dates of October 2022 to January 2024. Appointment dates are July 1, 2023 unless otherwise noted.

Divinity School

Edgardo Colón-Emeric, Timothy Kimbrough, Luke Powery, Laceye Warner

Edgardo Colón-Emeric, Professor and Dean of the Divinity School, appointment date 10/1/2022

Timothy Kimbrough, Professor of the Practice of Anglican Studies

Luke Powery, Professor of Homiletics

Laceye Warner, Professor of the Practice of Evangelism & Methodist Studies, appointment date 1/1/2024

Fuqua School of Business

Manuel Adelino, Robert Swinney

Manuel Adelino, Professor of Business Administration

Robert Swinney, Professor of Business Administration

Law School

Paul William Grimm, Shu Yi Oei, Emily Ryo

Paul William Grimm, Professor of the Practice, appointment date 1/1/2023

Shu Yi Oei, David T. Zhang Distinguished Professor, appointment date 1/1/2023

Emily Ryo, Professor

Nicholas School of the Environment

Lori Snyder Bennear, Bin Mei, Joel Meyer, Junjie Zhang

Lori Snyder Bennear, Professor of Environmental Economics & Policy

Bin Mei, Professor of the Practice of Natural Resource Finance, appointment date 5/5/2023

Joel Meyer, Professor of Environmental Genomics

Junjie Zhang, Professor of Environmental Sciences & Policy

Pratt School of Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Eric Richardson, Marc Sommer

Eric Richardson, Professor of the Practice

Marc Sommer, Professor, appointment date 2/1/2023

Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science

Alec Gallimore, Miaofang Chi, Laurens Howle, Rebecca Simmons

Alec Gallimore, Professor and Provost

Miaofang Chi, Professor, appointment date 5/1/2023

Laurens Howle, Professor, appointment date 1/1/2023

Rebecca Simmons, Professor of the Practice

Sanford School of Public Policy

Vicki Bogan, Marc Jeuland, Sebastian James, Manoj Mohanan, Jonathan Stromseth

Vicki Bogan, Professor

Marc Jeuland, Professor

Sebastian James, Professor of the Practice, appointment date 8/1/2023

Manoj Mohanan, Creed C. Black Professor

Jonathan Stromseth, Professor of the Practice, appointment date 1/1/2024

School of Medicine

Cell Biology

Suzanne Barbour

Suzanne Barbour, Professor and Dean of the Graduate School, appointment date 6/1/2023

Integrative Immunobiology

Mari Shinohara

Mari Shinohara, Professor, appointment date 3/1/2023

Molecular Genetics & Microbiology

Jen-Tsan Ashley Chi, Micah Alan Luftig, Debra Lynn Silver, David Tobin

Jen-Tsan Ashley Chi, Professor, appointment date 3/1/2023

Micah Alan Luftig, Professor, appointment date 3/1/2023

Debra Lynn Silver, Professor, appointment date 1/1/2024

David Tobin, Professor


Colin Duckett, Hui-Kuan Lin

Colin Duckett, Professor, appointment date 1/1/2023

Hui-Kuan Lin, Professor, appointment date 6/1/2023

Pharmacology & Cancer Biology

Donald Fox, Trudy Oliver, Lee Zou

Donald Fox, Professor, appointment date 1/1/2024

Trudy Oliver, Professor, appointment date 3/1/2023

Lee Zou, Professor, appointment date 6/1/2023

School of Nursing

Tracey Yap

Tracey Yap, Professor, appointment date 3/1/2023

Trinity College of Arts & Sciences


L. Ryan Baugh, Kelly Hogan, Lucia Carol Strader

L. Ryan Baugh, Professor

Kelly Hogan, Professor of the Practice

Lucia Carol Strader, Professor


Amanda Hargrove, Qiu Wang

Amanda Hargrove, Professor

Qiu Wang, Professor

Computer Science

Jian Pei, Xiaowei Yang

Jian Pei, Arthur S. Pearse Distinguished Professor, appointment date 1/1/2023

Xiaowei Yang, Professor


Purnima Shah

Purnima Shah, Professor of the Practice


Tarek Elgindi

Tarek Elgindi, Professor, appointment date 1/1/2024


Anthony Kelley, Verena Mösenbichler-Bryant

Anthony Kelley, Professor of the Practice

Verena Mösenbichler-Bryant, Professor of the Practice

Political Science

Candis Watts Smith

Candis Watts Smith, Professor

Romance Studies

Deborah Reisinger

Deborah Reisinger, Professor of the Practice

Statistical Science

Li Ma

Li Ma, Professor

Theater Studies

Torry Bend

Torry Bend, Professor of the Practice