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Three Quick Questions for Duke Faculty: Sharique Hasan

Sharique Hasan is associate professor of strategy in the Fuqua School of Business with a secondary appointment in the Department of Sociology in Trinity College of Arts & Sciences.

In recent years, his primary research focus has been on understanding how entrepreneurs build successful companies. Most of this work has involved field experiments with startups or early-stage entrepreneurs. The research team uses randomized controlled trials that are designed to determine which mechanisms can help entrepreneurs structure crucial stages of their journey, from idea generation to growth.

He joined the Duke community in 2017 and was awarded tenure in 2021.


What is something you are working on at the moment?

I am most excited about a new project where we are utilizing machine learning, specifically Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning, to improve our understanding of the commercial applicability of scientific ideas.

We use this technology to develop new metrics that better gauge which scientific discoveries could potentially impact firms and startups attempting to develop novel products, processes and services. Additionally, we are using these methods to identify potential challenges or “frictions” that might hinder these ideas from making a real-world impact. 

I am working on this project with my colleague Wesley Cohen, who is an expert on the economics of innovation, and our Ph.D. student, Roger Masclans.

You’ve been involved in Fuqua’s strategy Ph.D. program. Can you describe something you particularly enjoy about training students in this area?

I believe the best part is seeing students develop confidence and pride in their work. There is hardly anything more rewarding than observing students transform into genuine experts.

I think the thing that is awesome about our program is that we treat students like collaborators from the very beginning and they always rise to the challenge.

Would you like to share something you enjoy doing for fun or relaxation?

I enjoy traveling with my family. Recently we drove up to Pittsburgh over a long weekend to see Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece in rural Pennsylvania, caught a student performance at Carnegie Mellon’s Drama School, and ate some seriously greasy food.