Mentoring Resources

Faculty and students.

Duke University is committed to supporting our scholar-teachers at every phase of the career span. Our expectation is that every faculty member will strive to produce excellence through their research, teaching and service, and succeed to their fullest potential.

Leadership development for faculty is also stressed. While leadership training in the past was reserved for faculty in formal leadership positions, today’s expansive view of leadership skills—the ability to collaborate, convene and inspire; to elicit candid feedback; to listen broadly and gain wide input before making decisions—considerably expands the pool of faculty that would gain from leadership education. Moreover, this capacious view of leadership dovetails nicely with Duke’s emerging emphases on communities and collaborative research.

We recognize that a range of tools and training are needed to serve the needs of our diverse faculty. We will be exploring several options, and ask for faculty to engage and give us feedback.

Duke Programs

  • Duke is an Institutional Member of NCFDD (National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity). All faculty are eligible for a sub-account membership to gain access to a suite of online webinars, multi-week courses, and more.
  • The Teaching for Equity Fellows Program is a year-long faculty mentoring program that aims to give faculty the skills to improve the learning outcomes of students from all walks of life.
  • Supporting Undocumented Students