2018 Faculty Advancement Seed Grants Awardees

2018 Theme: Diversity and Inclusion

Round 1:

Advance Faculty Excellence, Support Professional Development, and Engage in Dialogue Centered on Diversity and Inclusiveness

The Sanford School of Public Policy is constantly striving to improve the quality of our faculty and our instruction and the climate of diversity and inclusion at our school. To that end, the Sanford School seeks to advance faculty excellence, support professional development, and engage in dialogue centered on diversity and inclusiveness. To institute change around these efforts, a number of activities will be put in place around three themes over the course of the calendar year: Faculty Mentoring; Inclusive Teaching and Student Mentoring; and Building an Inclusive Community.
Judith Kelley, Dean of the Sanford School of Public Policy, ITT/Terry Sanford Distinguished Professor of Public Policy, Professor of Political Science, and Bass Fellow


Advancing Faculty Writers Through Summer Writing Retreats

As a result of the successful momentum gained through the Duke Faculty Write Program's annual summer writing retreat, this project seeks to further support writers through the following activities:  (1) a week-long intensive summer writing retreat that features writing workshops, consultations, seminar discussions, and dedicated writing time for faculty; (2) two fall semester writing retreats, one in August and one in December, that provide dedicated writing time and space during the academic year and a framework for reconnecting with the summer writing community; (3) writing group facilitation to help faculty form and sustain writing groups during the academic year; (4) consultations. These efforts aim to advance scholarship and build a sense of community within the institution. Specifically, outreach will include inviting participants through faculty lists by college and schools, the Office for Faculty Advancement, Teaching for Equity Fellows (2015-present), the Duke Faculty Women’s Network, and new faculty.
Jennifer Ahern-Dodson, Assistant Professor of the Practice in the Thompson Writing Program, Director of Outreach for the Thompson Writing Program, and Associate Director of Language, Arts & Media Program


The Black Think Tank at Duke University

The Black Think Tank, a platform to connect faculty of color through multidisciplinary research projects, is an effort to create and strengthen our community of scholars by developing multidisciplinary and inter-departmental research projects. The Black Think Tank platform will provide opportunities for mentoring and networking. The first integrative project will be a comparative study of race, genetics, and culture in Brazil and the US South.
Gustavo Silva, Assistant Professor of Biology
Jarvis C. McInnis, Assistant Professor of English
Joseph Richard Winters II, Alexander F. Hehmeyer Associate Professor of Religious Studies and Associate Professor of African and African American Studies, English, and Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies


Writing and ReseArch Productivity (WRAP) Group for Underrepresented Faculty

In an effort to promote faculty excellence and support underrepresented faculty members, the Center for Biobehavioral Health Disparities Research (CBHDR) will create a Writing and ReseArch Productivity (WRAP) group. The overarching goal of the WRAP group is to develop structure and provide resources for enhancing faculty research and increase publication rates for group members through the development of intensive, cohort-based writing experiences.
Tyson Brown, Associate Professor of Sociology


Round 2:

Environmental Justice Symposium 2019: Privileging Community Voices, Connecting Faculty

The Environmental Justice Symposium, hosted by the DELPC at Duke Law facilities, will serve as a catalyst for these collaborations, where faculty and students from across disciplines meet and listen to community members at the frontline, articulate strategies for using their research and teaching to address challenges associated with the issue, and form or strengthen relationships that will be integral to their work.
Ryke Longest, Clinical Professor of Law and Professor of Environmental Sciences and Policy


A Faculty Development Workshop on Gender Associated Incivility and Nursing Education

The proposed faculty workshop will focus on developing skills to both prevent and manage uncivil behaviors in the classroom, with an emphasis on gender-driven issues. According to research, if actions are taken against uncivil behavior, an enhanced learning environment can be created for all students.
Helen Ann Gordon, DNP, CNM, CNE, CHSE, Assistant Professor of Nursing
Margory “Margie” Molloy DNP, RN, CNE, CHSE, Assistant Professor of Nursing and Director of Center for Nursing Discovery (CND)
Brett Thomas Morgan, DNP, CRNA, Consulting Associate in the School of Nursing


Inclusion and Power Dynamics in Academia

A series of workshops and seminars over the course of a year that will discuss issues related to inclusion (specifically gender and race) and power dynamics in academia.
Kathryn “Katie” Dickerson, Assistant Professor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Nicole Schramm-Sapyta, Assistant Professor of the Practice in the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences


Mentor Up / Mentor Down: Interactive Workshops to Strengthen Mentoring Relationships

MentorUp/MentorDown included two performances on February 8, 2018. The first, held at 1:00 pm in French Science 4233, was targeted to faculty and focused on issues of Unconscious Bias, Stereotypes, Microaggressions, Communication and Critical Feedback. The second performance, available to both graduate students and postdoctoral associates, began at 4:00 pm in Schiciano Auditorium. The focus of the student discussions was similar to that of the faculty workshop, with particular emphasis on receiving critical feedback, planning research and setting boundaries. Over 140 students from departments across the university attended.
Katherine J. "Kathy" Franz, Chair and Professor of Chemistry