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Controversy in the Classroom


Rebecca Stein

What are best practices for teaching controversial subjects in our undergraduate classrooms? How does one foster a rich and open space for learning on difficult subjects, while remaining sensitive to the range of student viewpoints and lived experiences? What strategies might we employ that maximize student exploration and listening, while minimizing classroom polarization? Rebecca Stein will lead this open discussion drawing on more than two decades of teaching on Palestine and Israel. This session will also involve a group conversation in which participants will share strategies from their own classroom experiences. The Bass Society Seminar on Teaching Excellence highlights approaches from Bass Society of Fellows faculty, who are each recognized for excellence in teaching undergraduates and have a distinguished record of scholarship. Throughout the seminar, Bass Fellows lead sessions and highlight an aspect of their successful teaching strategies. Sessions include an interactive component and lunch is provided. Registration is required and space is limited; junior faculty are encouraged to attend. For more information, contact the Student-Faculty Engagement Office in Undergraduate Education at


Lecture/Talk, Research, Student, Teaching & Classroom Learning