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Teaching Excellence and Free Expression (Ivy+ FAN)

From time to time, a professor or a student group exercises their right to free expression in ways that roil the campus. Questions emerge about the climate of inclusion and about how far is too far with regards to our freedoms. How might we clarify university guidelines on free expression and the classroom environment as well as the university's mission to engage in dynamic, inclusive teaching? What tools do we have to utilize free expression in the service of excellent teaching? How might controversial topics be taught in ways that bring us together rather than drive us apart? Frederick F. Wherry, Ph.D. (Princeton University) leads this inquiry on teaching excellence and free expression. Speakers: Frederick F. Wherry, Ph.D., Princeton University, Vice-Dean for Diversity and Inclusion; Townsend Martin, Class of 1917 Professor of Sociology and Director of the Dignity & Debt Network


Workshop/Short Course